Our History

We started in 1972 as a tiny, close-knit group of students meeting in the living room of our founder, Dr. Steward LaCasce. Dr. LaCasce’s approach to learning attracted a non-mainstream college population—returning Vietnam War
veterans, single parents with dependent children, and others seeking alternative higher education opportunities. Known then as the Vermont Institute of Community Involvement, the school was dedicated to integrating learning,
personal development, and engagement in the community into a comprehensive educational experience.

Though we’ve grown in the last 40 years, Burlington College continues to be student-centered and committed to individualized education. This commitment translates to narrative evaluations, student involvement in designing their own
programs of study, one-on-one mentoring and support services, small seminar-style classes, and experiential learning. We expect to grow even more over the next several years, but not beyond our ability to maintain the core educational values we were founded on, and we will never lose that close-knit community our students experience, foster, and appreciate.

Our old location just down the road at 95 North Avenue.