Methods of Giving

Giving comes in many forms, all of which make a large impact on small institutions like ours. Giving of your resources and time to help others is one of the most personal acts you can make, and we look forward to working with you as you decide the best way you can actively support Burlington College.

Cash donations
Make a difference today! Burlington College is a unique and dynamic educational institution. It is only with your support that we can continue to work with students who will make a difference in our communities. A gift of any size will help Burlington College offer student scholarships, move forward with new programs, and help transform our campus. Cash donations can come in the form of one-time or recurring cash donations, transferral of stocks, as well as planned, estate, and memorial giving.

Pro Bono Services
Members of the community with specialized talents can offer their services to Burlington College. This summer, we were thrilled with efforts by teams from the WYSIWYG Festival and Gardeners Supply on our great green space. If you have unique skills and services to share we can utilize them!

Throughout the year, Burlington College has art openings, film festival, readings, disucssions and more where we can always use an extra hand. Want a longer commitment? Keep an eye out for internships at Burlington College. We've had design, gallery promotion, and communications interns in the past. Want to make a lifelong difference? Work with one of our students through an internship at your workplace.

Personal Property
Burlignton College is also interested in collections as unique as our students. Recently an alumni donated a DVD library for the Film and Media Studies program. The Library is home to the Frank Manchel Film Study Collection featuring 6,100 volumes, posters, and publicity materials. Another graduate recently donated several pieces of her artwork for the college to sell. While we would like to accept everything that is offered, we must first make sure that it fits our educational or fundraising needs.

If you would like to make a donation or get involved, please contact Coralee Holm at 802.862.9616.