Student Housing

Burlington College Student Housing works to foster individual growth and community learning that both complements and expands upon educational experiences offered at the College. By providing safe, secure, and inclusive housing we help prepare students to manage future living situations within the broader community. Read the Student Housing Agreement.

Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities

You are entitled to the right:
To read, study and sleep in your room without undue interference
To live in a reasonably quiet, clean and safe environment
To utilize all public spaces within your apartment/house
To have your concerns and needs heard and addressed by the Director of Student Services and/or the Resident Advisor
To challenge prejudicial treatment and comments
To have guests visit as long as said visit does not disturb others and is in accord with the Guest Policy
To decorate a room as long as the decoration does not violate fire or safety agreements
To have requests heard by your housemates
To ask for advice and/or help from others
To be yourself while respecting the rights of others

It is your responsibility:
To become familiar with the Burlington College Housing Policy and Contract and the Burlington College Academic Catalog
To utilize student housing as a means to support your academic endeavors
To become familiar with all fire safety guidelines and procedures
To keep your residence clean
To respect the privacy of your housemates
To listen to the requests of your housemates and respect their needs
To communicate openly and honestly with your housemates about your needs
To report ongoing issues to the Director of Student Services and/or the Resident Advisor
To make an effort to know the people with whom you share your home, the Resident Advisor and the Director of Students, as a means of broadening your community
To be open to different lifestyles, beliefs and values