B.F.A. Portfolio

All students applying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree must submit a portfolio including a personal artistic statement. This short essay should reflect the student’s creative intentions, influences and artistic aspirations. This document should be 200-400 words.

Submit a description sheet for your work. Number your samples to match your description sheet list the corresponding number, medium, size, date of completion and title for each work. It is very important that your full name and address be clearly noted on each CD or DVD and description page submitted.

Portfolio Requirements for B.F.A. in Graphic Design, Interdisciplinary Arts, Photography, Woodworking and Fine Furniture-Making
Please submit three (3) of the following options of work you have completed recently. Digital portfolios are required. Please do not send original work,
it will not be returned. A minimum of five (5) pieces must be from your selected concentration.

  • A .mov clip of less than five minutes. The subject can be a full piece or excerpt, and can be any subject or genre.
  • Eight (8) photographs – either black and white or color, and either film or digital.
  • Three to five (3-5) drawings.
  • Three to five (3-5) design compositions.
  • Three to five (3-5) images of 3-D work (wood, ceramics, sculpture, glass, metal etc.)
  • Three to five (3-5) paintings in any medium, on any substrate.       

Portfolio Requirements for B.F.A. in Film Production

  • Two to three (2-3) complete short films, .mov clips, less than ten minutes. Candidate should be credited as director, producer, editor, writer or director of photography.
  • One to three (1-3) ancillary works — short scripts (less than 20 pages) or storyboards.

We suggest that the work reflect your interests, experience, and abilities in the arts to date.

Your portfolio must be submitted as digital files on a CD, data DVD, or USB drive. These materials will not be returned. Each image in your digital portfolio should be submitted as a separate file in .jpg format. Time-based work or performance pieces may be submitted as QuickTime or .mpg. We do not accept portfolio submissions of work posted to a website.