Burlington College started its film program nearly two decades ago, making it one of the older dedicated film programs in the country. Through the years the program trained and nurtured visual storytellers who’ve gone on to direct feature-length films, find meaningful work in the industry, and even start their own production companies.

Our program centers on developing the individual as a visual storyteller. As a first year student you will learn the craft of filmmaking by using actual film movie cameras. In contrast to digital mediums, film requires more deliberate preparation and vision. The outcome is that your personal filmmaking process is more thoughtful and concise, allowing more time for thinking about the creative elements in your story. Narrative filmmaking is just one facet of the art form. Our program teaches a variety of other film genres, so students may choose to focus on documentary filmmaking, cinema studies, and screenwriting, in addition to narrative film production. Each of these concentrations is taught by professionals with strong artistic and academic experience.

Film represents the history of visual storytelling, and it’s no secret that we live in a digital world. Therefore, in the second semester you’ll move on to digital filmmaking. Courses focus on camera and lens techniques, field and studio audio, writing for film and television, acting and directing and much more. However, film cameras are always available for projects if students choose to continue using actual film. We also have extensive cinema studies offerings giving you an opportunity to learn about the history of the craft and the techniques of the masters.

The culmination of your program is an intensive degree project. This generally takes the form of short film that you write, direct, produce, and edit. The extent to which you will execute your degree project varies and all students rely on the help of their peers to complete their film.

By the time you graduate you’ll have developed into complete filmmaker competent in many facets of the filmmaking process. You’ll work with and become proficient on a variety of equipment, and learn and perform many valuable roles on film shoots.

The Film+Media department offers a wide range of degree programs including:

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Film Production

Bachelor of Arts
Film: Cinema Studies
Film: Documentary Filmmaking
Film: Production
Film: Screenwriting

Associate of Arts
Film Studies

Documentary Filmmaking
Film Production

Mary Arbuckle - Chair, Film+Media
M.Ed. Boston University
Mary is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and media educator with over 20 years experience working in Boston, New York and Vermont. She is a Director Fellow of the American Film Institute, teaches media skills to people of all ages, and also runs a small community TV station in Bristol, Vermont, where she lives.