Woodworking and Fine Furniture-Making

The State of Vermont has a long and honored tradition of fine furniture-making. For centuries artisans and craftspeople have worked in tandem with nature to create beautiful, sustainable furniture, noted for its quality and endurance. In an age when American furniture-making is being outsourced to foreign countries for lower cost mass production, the Certificate in Woodworking and Furniture-Making enables students to develop the skills and experience the artisanry associated with the time honored craft of woodworking and fine furniture-making.

Burlington College students in the Certificate in Woodworking and Furniture-Making study in residence at the Vermont Woodworking School, a modern facility in a large, historic barn in Fairfax, Vermont. Students learn the fundamentals of woodworking and fine tune their skills by participating in skills-based classes and workshops offered by members of the Guild of Vermont Furniture-makers. Full time students will spend approximately 40 hours per week in the workshop, and part-time students will spend approximately 20 hours.

In addition to the time in the workshop, students are encouraged to participate in field trips, such as visits to the wood shops run by members of the Guild of Vermont Furniture-makers, or wood-buying trips to area mills to learn about the different wood species available, wood selection, and the nuances of building relationships with wood suppliers.

The Certificate in Woodworking and Furniture-Making is a 30-credit certificate, designed to be completed in 2 semesters of full-time work, or 4 semesters of part-time work. This Certificate also provides the foundational requirements for students wishing to pursue and Associate of Arts in Woodworking and Fine Furniture-Making, and/or an Advanced Certificate in Fine Furniture-Making.

Entry Level: 15 credits
FRN102 Fundamentals
FRN103 Beginning Design

Intermediate Level: 15 credits
FRN202 Beyond the Basics
FRN203 Design Studio I

Total: 30 credits