Distance Learning

Distance Learning is a mode of learning that consists of long distance independent studies and tutorials. It is designed to meet the needs of individuals who cannot or do not want to attend regular campus classes. Applicants must be students who have already earned at least 30 college credits from one or more accredited college programs, and who can demonstrate advanced writing and independent study skills.

Once accepted into this mode of learning, students are assigned an advisor who will discuss the development of their major and any other general education goals that are required for graduation. The assigned advisor will remain with the student throughout his or her program and will help to implement the degree plan each semester. Individual faculty instructors are selected every semester for each learning agreement (course plan) that is designed.

Individualized Learning Agreements
A learning agreement is a comprehensive approach to learning that encourages the student to examine an area or issue in depth while addressing the general education requirements of the degree sought, or the specific requirements of a major. Each learning agreement specifies learning goals, activities to complete them, and how progress will be evaluated. Learning agreements are developed for 3, 6, or 9-credits each.

Learning agreements of six or more credits are often interdisciplinary in nature. This allows the student to have a breadth of learning across diverse disciplines as well as to gain a deeper understanding of the topic being studied.

Academic standards for each Learning Agreement can vary depending on the course. Studio based art courses require more of a visual component as opposed to finished writing. The amount of visual pieces of work produced is determined by the instructor.

Academic standards for each Learning Agreement in non-studio courses should achieve the following written and research requirements.

  • 3 credits: a minimum of 4 assigned readings or other forms of media and 20 pages of finished writing.
  • 6 credits: a minimum of 8 assigned readings or other forms of media and 40 pages of finished writing.
  • 9 credits: a minimum of 12 assigned readings or other forms of media and 60 pages of finished writing.

Some learning agreements for specific courses are designed ahead of time by the faculty, and some learning agreements are co-designed between the student and faculty. Distance learning agreements are designed to include assessment goals relevant to the individual learner’s program requirements.

Download the Fillable PDF Application Form.